ACICO S.A. Canned vegetables

Pulses, pureed tomato sauce, vegetables, Piquillo peppers, asparagus and artichokes

ACICO S.A. group offers a wide variety of canned food for a healthy Mediterranean diet of the highest quality.


Founded in 1970, ACICO GROUP is a high-quality canned vegetable manufacturing company. Since the very beginning it has focused on the manufacture of canned vegetables supplying to large retailers as well as to the HORECA channel and wholesalers.

Our group has the ISO 9001:2008 by Bureau Veritas Quality Management Certification.
At ACICO we count on a rigorous quality control that starts on reception of raw materials, then ingredients and canning, until finally control of the finished product.


The factory is located in CORTES (Navarra) with a production capacity exceeding 100 million units annually.
Besides production and sale of a wide range of pulses, vegetable and pureed tomato sauce, we also commercialize asparagus, Piquillo peppers, artichokes, peaches…


All ACICO, S.A. Group products are exported to several countries: France, Germany, Holland, Bulgaria, Russia, Morocco, Algeria, Portugal, among others.

IFS Certificate